Samsung SideSync Features Archives

Samsung SideSync Features Archives

Samsung SideSync Features Archives

Samsung SideSync Features Archives

The Galaxy Note 5’s Features and Display Will Blow You Away

Our LifeLine Repairs team in Jacksonville, FL, is always reading and staying current on all things technology. One of our favorite things to research is specs on new smartphones. A big one, literally, is the Galaxy Note 5. This phone comes with some amazing features and some serious screen space, but you may be wondering about the device’s performance. Read on to learn more about the performance of the Galaxy Note 5, which has been dubbed the “Crown Jewel” of smartphones.

Stand Out Performance of the Galaxy Note 5

Yes the Galaxy Note 5 is among the top 5 high-end mobile phones of 2015, rated for its exceptional loading speed, but the initial upload of a site is consistently a fraction of a second behind the initial loading speed of similar phones, such as the Galaxy S6. It should be noted, though, that our team notes that once people return to the same sites, the return upload speeds far exceeds Galaxy S6 speeds, no matter how many times you return to the site. Features like these are an added value to the 4GB upgrade, which help with extended speed and multitasking capabilities.

Checking on this year’s best-of-the-best in mobile phone technology, we rate the Samsung Note 5 as the most desirable in its class for:

  • Battery capabilities – recharges wirelessly, powers up more quickly, extend text and talk time with Ultra Power Saving Mode
  • 3,000mAh battery power life of 24 hours
  • Sharper, clearer photos
  • Sidesync for sharing docs & pictures
  • Communicates with laptop for answering texts & calls

How Can We Help?

Users needing Samsung repair in Jacksonville for smartphones, or repair for any digital devices, will enjoy the prompt and complete service provided by our staff at LifeLine Repairs. We value customer service and extend our customer care and knowledge about digital electronics to offer the best service in the area. Our service repair team understands your need to have your phone fixed and returned ASAP! Call us: (904) 497-4624, or contact us online today for more information.

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How to Sync a Samsung Galaxy Phone to Your PC

As a Samsung Galaxy owner, you value customization and accessibility, which is why you chose a Galaxy over other smartphone options in the first place. Your data and files are important to you, and you don’t want to lose them if anything should happen to your phone.

In order to keep your files safe, you’re going to want to back up your files from your Galaxy to your PC. The best way to do that is with Galaxy’s latest tool to sync your phone and your PC: SideSync.

How SideSync works

SideSync is like a two-way communication tunnel between your phone and your computer. Once you’ve downloaded and connected SideSync on both your devices, you’ll never need to switch between them again to transfer files, because you will be able to access files shared between them at any time.

By using SideSync on your computer, you can create a mirror of your Galaxy’s screen and control select features on your phone directly from your PC. But first, you need to learn how to set up SideSync.

How To Sync With SideSync

To begin, you first must download SideSync on your phone from the Play Store. Go to the Play Store, and type “SideSync” into the search bar. Once you’ve found it, click install, and once it’s downloaded completely, open the app.

Next, it’s time to download SideSync onto your computer. Go to the Samsung website, and search for the SideSync download link. Download the latest version of SideSync, and once the file has fully downloaded, launch the SideSync Setup Wizard.

Follow all of the directions to successfully install SideSync, and the application should open automatically. Once both are downloaded, you’ll need to connect the two using either a USB cable or through Wi-Fi. The USB cable method is pretty straight forward, but Wi-Fi is a little more complicated.

Syncing Over Wi-Fi

Start by opening the SideSync application on both devices. Click the Next, and then Start buttons on both screens. In order for the devices to find one another, both have to be connected from the same Wi-Fi network.

Once the devices have found each other, a confirmation window should appear. Click OK to complete the connection, and the syncing process should begin. Once finished, you’ll be able to easily transfer your files.

Sharing Files Between Your Phone and Computer

SideSync allows for easy file-sharing between your Galaxy and PC, allowing you to pass and store photos and other files back and forth through the SideSync app.

Once you’ve ensured that SideSync is installed on both devices, go to your PC. You should be able to toggle “Phone screen view” through the SideSync dashboard to see and access your phone’s database directly on your computer desktop.

Let’s say you want to share photos from your phone to your computer. Go to the Apps section and click “Gallery” from the menu. There, you’ll be able to see all of the photos currently on your phone. Select which one you want to transfer by clicking and holding the image, then dragging it to the location you want on your PC.

Transferring Files From PC To Phone

This process works virtually the same as the reverse. When you are on your computer, select and toggle “Phone screen view” from the SideSync dashboard to access your phone. Once there, go back to your computer and find the location of whatever file or folder of files you want to transfer to your phone.

Once you’ve located your desired file, click and hold that file or folder, and drag it onto the “Drag and drop file here” section of your screen to share it through SideSync. That file is now saved in the SideSync folder on your phone, and you will receive a notification update in your SideSync dashboard.

Notifications and Other Features Once Synced

Once your Galaxy and your PC are synchronized, you can do more than just share files. You can get pop-up notifications from your phone through your PC, like updates regarding incoming phone calls, or send and receive text messages directly from the app on your computer.

You can also use features exclusive to your Galaxy while on your desktop, and enable your keyboard and mouse to type directly onto your phone from your PC. Most importantly, once your devices are synced, you never have to worry about losing precious files in the event of your phone dying ever again.

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Samsung SideSync Features Archives

How to Use SideSync on Galaxy Note 5

Being able to see and use your Note 5 on your computer has many benefits. You can easily drag and drop files between the two devices, respond to messages with a full-sized keyboard, and get your phone's notifications on your desktop. Thanks to Samsung's cool SideSync software, access to all that is a simple setup away. Here's how to use SideSync on your Galaxy Note 5.

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1. Download and install SideSync on your computer by going to Samsung's SideSync web page.

2. Open SideSync on both your Note 5 and laptop or computer, and make sure they are on the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Find and select your phone on your computer, or vice versa.

4. Click the phone icon on the top left of the widget at the bottom right of your screen. This opens up a virtual version of your Note 5's screen on your desktop. Tapping any of the three icons for My Files, Music and Gallery next to the phone icon opens up that app in the virtual phone.

5. Drag any file you want to transfer from your desktop to your phone (or vice versa).

6. Click and hold on a file in the virtual phone to select it for transfer. Select as many files as you want by clicking each one.

7. Press and hold again on the selected files until the SideSync logo pops up. This means the files are ready to be dragged across onto your computer.

8. Tap the downward arrow on the top left of the screen to pull up more options.

9. Select Always On Top to make your phone stay above every other window so it doesn't disappear under your dozens of open apps. You can also edit rotation and the transparency of the window by selecting Rotate or Window Transparency, or snap a screenshot of your phone (not desktop) with the Capture option.

Enabling Presentation Mode lets you control your Note 5's screen from the computer — you'll be able to see what's happening on both the phone and desktop.

When your phone and computer are connected, your Note 5 will mirror whatever is being done on the virtual version. If you pick up your phone and do something else with it, the version on your computer goes blank, and can only be used when you activate it on your computer again (with one tap on the screen).

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